Alec Friedman has written, directed, and produced award-winning documentary, sports, promotional, recruiting, corporate, educational, and theatrical productions. His work has aired on HBO, ABC, and PBS.

Alec is currently writing, directing, and producing "Last of the Apollo Astronauts," a documentary that combines his passion for film and space science. During his New York City upbringing, Alec was making Super 8 movies while winning first prize in his high school science fair for building a working model of an ionic spacecraft that was powered by a homemade 200,000 Volt Van De Graff Generator.

Alec graduated with a BA from the University of Michigan where he received the Benjamin Berentson Academic Scholarship Award after being voted the top student, by the faculty, in the Film Program.

Alec's short film, "Dear Rocky," premiered on January 19, 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival. In June it won a national Telly Award. The film currently has a 98.9% Thumbs-up approval rating on YouTube.

Last of the Apollo Astronauts

"Maybe my story will encourage young people to follow their dreams."   — Tony England

Tony England was the astronaut designated at NASA mission control to solve the serious oxygen problem when the Apollo 13 astronauts began breathing in too much carbon dioxide on their perilous mission.

Working with the Crew Systems Division, Tony wrote the procedures to construct the makeshift air filter then read them to the Apollo 13 astronauts as they assembled the air filter device that kept them alive until they returned to Earth in their damaged spacecraft. For his heroic contributions to the safe recovery of Apollo 13, Tony received a share of the President's Medal of Freedom Award.

"Last of the Apollo Astronauts,"  an inspirational documentary about the youngest astronaut ever hired at NASA, will include captivating stories of what it was like being one of the last astronauts in the NASA Apollo Space Program, then an astronaut in the NASA Space Shuttle Program.


"We've worked with Alec Friedman on five projects and have plans for others. His ability to translate complex subjects into terms others can easily absorb, to do that in interesting and creative ways with high quality production values, and to do it within budget and in the time promised—again and again—make Friedman Productions the ideal choice for projects both large and small."

Rick Boothman
Chief Risk Officer, University of Michigan Health System

"The cover story you wrote and produced for us was extremely well done. Thanks so much. You were a pleasure to work with."

Rick Bernstein
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"Through my experience of being directed by him I can say, without reservation, that Alec ran one of the most professional, well-organized and enjoyable productions that I have worked on."

James Earl Jones
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James Stevens
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"I know of no better candidate for your support than Alec Friedman. He is a man of talent, energy and initiative."

Lawrence Kasdan
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