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Keeper of the Peace writes music about love, loss, and how the wind lifts off the water. He wrote and recorded the debut album, Restlessness. Repeat., between January and October of 2013 in the living room of a 120-year old home with plaster walls covered in yellow paint and antique windows framed in chipping white. He simultaneously constructed and committed songs amidst the stacks of books and antiques, with microphone and guitar cables strewn about the oak wood floors. Outside of the windows, Keeper of the Peace contended with myriad birds, storms, and the traffic of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Electronic energy was instrumental in the creation of the album as well.


Restlessness. Repeat.

  • Slipping Back Lyrics
    I’m sinking low
    Daylight overhead
    I’m tethered to
    A stone I call my bed

    What will I do?
    I need you now
    We’ll align ourselves
    And slip right out

    With every climb
    Up the rails
    I keep on slipping back
    Messing my mind up

    Your gravity
    Keeps me stabilized
    But the warnings come
    In a swarm of wasps and flies

    What will I do?
    I need you now
    We’ll align ourselves
    And slip right out

    I try to keep
    All my promises
    But it blows me out
    It blows me out
  • Keeper of the Peace Lyrics
    A faint inner light
    In an empty house
    Flashing in the currents
    Its life will bend and reach
    While struggling

    I walk on tampered ground
    The cautious life
    But desperate is the enemy
    He’ll start the seam
    That’ll break apart my shell

    How can I help
    My wasting away?
    The keeper of the peace
    It falls on me

    How will I heal
    In the wind and the shade?
    The keeper of the peace
    It falls on me

    The rain on the pavement
    Is pooling up
    The motioned light of street signals
    Reflecting off
    And forming on my wall

    Stuck in my head
    Suspended flight
    You see what you want to see
    And take comfort
    Though I don’t sleep well at night

    Under the Sun
    Unfolding form
    Here comes the chill
    Over the hills

    The warmth of the day
    Will fade away
    Gather my collections
    They break apart
    Falling brittle earth
  • Winter Storms Lyrics
    I will lend
    All of me
    Together we will come to be

    In the warring winds
    We’ll make our home
    Though terrified and insecure
    We’ll let our wonders win


    How good it is
    We soon forget
    Get lost amidst the winter storms
    Get strung about instead

    Our fears
    Flashing through our eyes
    Like wind howling
    Lightning strikes
    Fences are flying

    The billows from within
    Give lift
    Though we’re always tumbling
    Through these rifts

    How could I have let
    This foolishness
    Always get the best of me?
    A contagious mystery

  • The River Lyrics
    Out in the dirt
    Summer swell
    Set myself apart
    for the first time

    I’ll go upon my way
    Lived my luck
    Made my peace
    Been a wash
    I want no more

    It’s not me
    It’s not me
    that you see anymore
    I’ve been hollowed

    Set to rest
    Pines overhead
    I will lie by the river I’ve followed

    I drag my bones
    Bound and tumbling
    They are splintered
    And as frail
    As my memory

    I’ve buried them before
    A long time ago
    Slow drip
    Burned its way
    Through the marrow

    I will lie by the river I’ve followed
    I will lie by the river I’ve followed
  • Magnolias Lyrics
    I wait
    In unrest
    In your forest
    In your forest
    All I am without you

    The wind is up
    Flows right through me
    Through me
    I’m an empty shell

    Sitting in the stones
    Down in Magnolias
    Under Magnolias
    I am lost without you

    The burning of the Sun
    Time’s undone
    In my sorrow
    I will wait for you
    I will wait for you
  • Mountains/Arrows
  • Stranger Lyrics
    A desperate alliance in the dark
    Winding through bodies on city blocks

    I’m a stranger
    Give me lift
    In the light
    I’m a loner
    I’m always hung
    Out to dry

    Calculated killer in the wasteland
    Elevated, anxious, and paranoid

    Penned pariah
    Shake me free
    It’s much too late
    I’m a loather
    I’m running out
    My head ablaze

    Keep putting the pressure on my wicked head
    Red, black, silver sea forever
    The ocean breaks upon the city walls
    I stumble back
    And fall

    Seven lonely years
    I came apart
    I never needed anyone
    Drowning down in alcohol
    I came apart
    I never needed anyone
    I came apart

    A desperate admission
    A running clock
    I stuck to the shadows
    With a poisoned flock

    I was a lover
    You never let
    Me in
    I’m a stranger
    A fallen citizen
  • Lion's Den Lyrics
    I drift through the landscape
    The roots twist and roll away
    All I ever feel
    Is beneath my feet

    Deeply set within me
    A lions den
    Gnashing teeth
    Now a ghost out in a clearing

    I guess my cold memory will live
    How the wind lifts off the water
    I guess this old awakened moon
    Will cast its light where I have never been

    I will never know now
    What’s happened here
    An old trail
    With no road to take at all

    The water colors
    Bleeding through the layers
    Penetrate my skin
    And sink right in

    I guess my cold memory will live
    How the wind lifts off the water
    I guess this old awakened moon
    Will cast its light where I have never been
  • What Might Have Been Lyrics
    I’m ashamed to admit
    I won’t be taking
    The life you want for me

    Despite the talking we have done
    Despite those evenings
    I’ve withdrawn

    It’s all been a waste
    been a waste
    All the lessons I’ve learned
    Lessons I’ve learned
    I must put this to rest
    Put this to rest

    Though I fear I am not
    Out of the woods
    I will carry on

    Despite your cautionary tales
    Despite the fog
    That lingers still

    I’ll get on my way
    On my way
    Though it hurts to leave
    You guessing my fate
    And what might have been
    Might have been
  • Feathers in the Sun Lyrics
    Let the devil in
    Let the devil in
    You have lost your mind with him

    And the birds will leave
    The winter trees
    They will flock and fold under him

    With their feathers in the Sun
    The calm before the storm
    You sat in the shade
    And picked all you could from the bone
  • Ocean Alarm
  • Lift the Weight Lyrics
    Lift the weight
    Liven up
    Restless in the sea
    The climb so unfulfilling
    Spinning ceaselessly

    I get caught
    Up in it
    The wolves forever howl
    The bitter winter washes
    Your cinematic glow

    So much I see
    Gets lost in the noise
    Electric storms
    While flowers are blossoming



"On Repeat"

"In The End"

"Slow Down"

"The River"

"Then Ghosts"


"Winter Storms"



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