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Truman is a dynamic, atmospheric rock band from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Guitarist/vocalist J.T. Garfield, bassist Zach Harris, and drummer Eric Hurd were known in the Ypsilanti music scene for their work in the folk outfit Little Island Lake, whose "impressive, slow-building live shows" grabbed the attention of Paste Magazine. The three musicians were inspired by their experience playing together, and began working on a new project—something completely different.

Truman spent the winter of 2012 writing their debut EP, For Now. Forever. The band recorded the album that spring and summer in a local practice space, a living room, and various basements. For Now. Forever. was released in July 2012, and was met with favorable reviews. Truman added guitarist Sam Thompson while playing shows in support of the EP.

The quartet's first full-length album, Ever Changing, will be released on September 13, 2013.


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"Truman's new album Ever Changing begins bound by rhythm guitars while the vocalist embraces the melancholy [...] This is indie post-rock that lives in the spacey tendencies of math and shoe gaze genres. The content of the songs tend to drift amongst the existential, which is fitting. The vocals don't sit above the mix as much as in their previous efforts, creating more atmosphere overall. Tracks like 'Out Of Sight' & 'The Sleeper' remind me of the wonderfully composed breakdowns I miss in current Coheed and Cambria releases." —Christopher LaRose, The Sunday Idiom [read full review]

"Each song tells a story and takes you on a journey. Once you put your headphones in, your limbs begin to fill with rhythm and before you know it, your foot's tapping, eyes are closed and you're banging your hands against any close surface along to the beat. The instrumentals are sharp and edgy, fulfilling your musical craving for variety and color. There are some unexpected musical pauses placed throughout the album that capture the emotion behind the lyrics. The aggressive sounds of the bass and guitars take you up, down and back up again." —Jannell Whitted, The Eastern Echo [read full review]

Click on the album artwork to hear For Now. Forever., or listen on Bandcamp.

"Truman's debut EP, For Now. Forever., is essentially described as a concept album with no concept. Without the pause that separates its four tracks, you'd be hard-pressed to differentiate these songs from one another. Mellow is probably an understatement when describing this record's vibe. It is bedtime music [...] the music and lyrics on this 14.5-minute EP are flowing, spacey and maybe even a little jazzy." —Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly

"Truman's music is honest and dark, heavy, melodic, and uplifting at the same time. Beautiful." —Nathan K.

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J.T. Garfield

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Zach Harris


Eric Hurd


Sam Thompson



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